About Us

Blue Sheep Yarn Co. is a small business located in beautiful Fairport, New York.  The western NY area is full of beautiful lakes, rolling hills, woods, fields & farms and is an endless source of inspiration and joy.  We dye quality, affordable yarns with botanical extracts and local dye plants gathered from the ecosystems around us using mindful & sustainable harvesting practices.  We always leave lots of flowers, berries & nuts behind for the pollinators, birds and squirrels!  We are committed to using earth-friendly dye methods to get our bold & beautiful colors.  After all, what good is natural color if it damages the environment it is made in?

Jessie & Gabe McNaughton are the husband & wife team behind Blue Sheep.  Jessie is the researcher, dyer, tester, designer and creative force behind our products.  Gabe is the support staff, hauler of heavy buckets and co-harvester.

Since she was a kid, Jessie has had an obsession with creating beautiful and useful things out of materials found in nature.  She also has a healthy obsession with knitting.  It took a while, but a few years ago those passions combined and she started dyeing yarn with local dye plants she gathered from the natural world around her.  As her yarn stash grew and grew (and yarn-related side-eyes from Gabe grew exponentially), she realized she would never be able to knit with all the yarn she wanted to dye.  And so, Blue Sheep Yarn Co. was born to feed her passion and share her joy with fellow fiber artists, knitters and crocheters.  We hope that you enjoy our yarn as much as we do!